Sump Pump Installation

A sump pump system can effectively redirect excess water away from your home, making it one of the least disruptive and most effective methods of waterproofing your basement. Our experts install your sump pump system over six crucial steps to provide you with the best results possible.

Placing the Sump Pump Liner

We begin by excavating a sump pump pit, where your liner and pump will be placed. Our certified waterproofing specialists will locate the best spot to install the pump.

Installing a Perimeter Drain System

To supplement your sump pump system, we can install a perimeter French drain system, like WaterGuard®. This drain system will collect water from the wall-floor joints, basement walls, and from under the basement floor, directing all water to the sump pump.

Installing the Sump Pump

Using clean gravel, we will backfill around the sump pump liner. Then, we will connect the perimeter drain to the sump pump system using a special outlet. With an airtight sump pump lid, we can keep items and debris from falling in and keep pests from entering the water.

Restoring the Floor

Once your sump pump installation is complete, we will restore the floor to provide a clean, attractive appearance. Our system doesn’t leave a gap around the basement floor perimeter. This approach means no space for collecting dust, debris, and other clogging items.

Finishing Touches

To ensure your floor looks clean and professional, we will clear out debris and dust and clean thoroughly once the installation is complete. For future testing and inspection, several ports are installed in the perimeter drain where drainage lines can be inserted.

Upgrading Your Basement

With your basement protected, now is the best time to consider adding upgrades to get the most out of your space. Wallcoverings, dehumidifiers, and other basement products will add energy efficiency and comfort to your home.

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