Are the visits to your basement far and few between? Do you avoid going to your basement? Are you constantly questioning yourself about moisture in your basement? Are you concerned with mold in your basement? Are you concerned it could affect your home, or even worse, have a serious affect on you and your family’s health?

Most homeowners see their basements as a place to avoid, so they never go down there unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most think they can avoid encountering the harsh conditions by simply not passing through their basement or crawl space, but the air travels. Overtime, these conditions can take a serious toll on you and your health, as well as decrease the life span on your home.

A basement or crawl space that constantly contends with damp, wet, moist conditions can have many negative effects on your home, robbing it of its comfort and value. It can also cause mild to serious health conditions to adults and children who suffer from allergies, breathing difficulties or asthma.

If you care about your family and your home then you must care about your basement or crawlspace. It is vital to maintaining a healthy home. Sure a basement can be ignored, but only for so long. Unfortunately, in time, you just might see your basement in your upper levels. Keep reading, you’ll understand.

The Effects of Moisture Problems

When moisture becomes excessive in your basement, you just might not take it too seriously at first. Unfortunately, moisture can be quite detrimental to a healthy home environment.

Moisture is actually the source of many issues such as mold, mildew, rot, and deterioration. All too often homeowners purchase organic furnishings and have a basement that isn’t properly waterproofed. Such a combination makes way for the creation of mold and mildew and much, much more. Let’s take a look.

* Dust mites and other allergens feed on moisture and contaminate your home. They increase respiratory issues and allergic sensitivities.
* Doors and windows swell and are hard to open and close.
* Bad smells and odors tend to spread throughout your home. These smells actually result from mold buildup and unresolved water damages.
* Mold and mildew can begin to grow and deteriorate organic material all throughout your home. Mold destroys whatever has helped it to grow, such as wood, paper, and carpet.
* Condensation and frost can occur on windows increasing humidity and making for additional mold problems.

There is a Solution to This Problem

What you need is a good dehumidification system. There are several dehumidification systems on the market today; however, most are incapable of producing the desired results. Size is important from the cool coil to the fan, dehumidification systems must be the appropriate size to be effective in a basement. In general, you can solve your basement’s moisture issues with an effective dehumidifier.

Take some measurements, write down your questions and ask an expert about the best system to meet your needs.

Dehumidifiers Go Green

Once you’ve spoken to an expert you’ll probably learn about the top of the bar dehumidifiers, you know, the ones that can do it all. If you’re looking for such a system, make sure it can conserve energy! It may take a lot of energy to remove the moisture and pollutants from the air, but it’s well worth the struggle. That’s why engineers have gone through the trouble to design systems that remove 100 pints of moisture using the same amount of energy a similar system will use to remove 40 pints of moisture. That’s awesome!

In particular, one of the leading dehumidifier systems is the SaniDry™. This is a very powerful system that is ENERGY STAR approved, can dry an entire basement without being moved around, and drains the moisture instead of just filling a bin with water!

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