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Drain System Installation in Fayetteville

The average annual humidity in Fayetteville hovers from 72% to 77%, so it’s no wonder your basement can flood at even the slightest suggestion of rain. And even when it’s not raining, the high humidity keeps the soil that surrounds your foundation moist, which makes it tough to keep water from seeping into your basement.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has a number of effective drainage system solutions for your Fayetteville home to divert water from your foundation and basement and away from your property. Our experts have been helping property owners in our area for 35 years.

baseboard drain pipe system

Which Drain System Is Best For You?

Your basement is not your neighbor’s basement, so the solution to your drainage issue needs to be exclusive to your property. We offer five drainage systems, and our basement and water drainage experts will consult with you to determine which one is the perfect drainage system for your home in Fayetteville.

  • • WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain
  • • TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipe
  • • GeoDrains (strip drains) Thin Floor Drain System
  • • DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipe
  • • WaterGuard® IOS Perimeter Drain

TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipe

The TrenchDrain™ Grated Drainage Pipe solution is perfect when you need to stop the consistent flooding of an exterior walkway. The pipe diverts water from the floor into a perimeter drain.

WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain

The best drainage solution for a typical Fayetteville basement is the WaterGuard® Below-Floor Drain, which rests on the foundation footing and is installed below the floor slab. We’ll remove a floor section for the installation, which we replace for a clean, finished look.

GeoDrains® – Thin Floor Drain System

Geospacer drainage, an engineered geotextile, is composed of a polymeric core that is wrapped and laminated in its entirety. GeoDrains can be used to collect and remove water as an alternative for stone systems and french drain pipes. Strip drains are used to manage subsurface water.

DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipe

When your home is built on a monolithic foundation—the floor and footing are one piece—we recommend the DryTrak® Baseboard Drain Pipe solution. We install the system above the floor to eliminate the need for jackhammering into the foundation.

WaterGuard® IOS Perimeter Drain

The WaterGuard® IOS Perimeter Drain is perfect for Fayetteville homes that have a problem with iron ochre. The extra-wide drainage channel and openings are large enough not to become clogged.

Free Estimates on Drain Systems in Fayetteville

It’s essential to the value and security of your home to keep the basement and the crawl space clean and dry, and you can do just that with a high-quality drainage system designed exclusively for your property by the experts at Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. Our professional team based in Fayetteville has everything from Trench, Perimeter & Thin Floor Drains available to fit your home and solve your drainage problem Give us a call today for a free estimate!