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Crawl Space Sealer

A crawl space that isn’t protected against outside moisture and humidity will quickly become a problem for any home. When moisture seeps from the outside into a crawl space, it can condense into pools of standing water.

In your crawl space, the wood and other organic material can absorb this moisture and create a breeding ground for mold and wood rot. Once mold and wood rot show up, it’s not long before they spread, damaging the wood throughout your crawl space and inviting wood-eating pests to set up shop in your crawl space.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair uses a crawl space sealer to prevent all this from happening and keep your structural framing and subfloor from absorbing excess moisture. Once installed, our crawl space sealer will form a durable micro-film that resists mold and fungus.

The lumber in your crawl space will dry out immediately, and the sealant will balance all moisture content in your wood to safe levels. This repair prevents mold and fungus growth, so you never need to worry about sagging floors or hardware cupping.

Our crawl space sealer is compatible with all structural framing, including your floor framing system, wall framing, attic framing, and interior and exterior roof decking. We can apply it to all types of wood, including engineered joists, OSB, plywood, spruce, oak, pine, and fir.

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