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Street Creep Systems

Street creep is a phenomenon that can damage the foundation and structural integrity of your home. When thermal expansion and contraction cause sidewalks and concrete pavement outside the house to exert pressure on your driveway, garage slab, and foundation, “street creep” occurs.

The pressure caused by street creep results in damage to your driveway, garage slab, and foundation. With Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, you have experienced foundation repair experts on your side that can protect your home permanently.

Our GeoLock® Street Creep Damage Repair System can be installed any time of the year and typically only takes a day to install. Plus, it includes a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Once installed, we can use it to straighten bowing or buckling walls over time.

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Installing the GeoLock® Street Creep Damage Repair System

To properly protect your home against the damage caused by street creep, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair makes repairs in two ways.

New Driveway Expansion Joints

While it’s impossible to prevent the natural expansion and contraction of concrete slabs, we can avoid the damage this would cause. If we cut new expansion joints into your driveway, individual slabs can move freely without pressing against the garage slab or foundation wall. Each joint is then filled with a backer rod and polyurethane sealant.

Foundation Wall Anchors

Once new expansion joints are created, we can move on to installing the GeoLock® Wall Anchor System. This system uses foundation wall anchors to connect your foundation walls to stable, hard-packed soil outside of your foundation.

Even if your foundation walls are cracked or pushed in by street creep, this system can stabilize and repair them. Once installed, we can tighten each anchor over time to straighten and restore your foundation walls.

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