Sagging Crawl Space

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Sagging Crawl Space

A sagging crawl space is a sign of major foundation issues that are better addressed sooner rather than later. When your crawl space sags, it’s likely due to poorly spaced support columns, columns that are settling, and rotted joists, girders, and posts.

You might find your crawl space affected in several ways. Your crawl space supports might tilt or sink. Organic material like wood might be moist or rotting. Interior drywall might show cracks. Nearby doors and windows might jam or look skewed. In severe cases, the floors above your crawl space might appear to be sagging or uneven.

When you notice any of these signs, it’s better to get the root cause fixed as soon as possible before they get worse.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can install additional crawl space supports to properly stabilize your crawl space. With a crawl space liner, we can remove excess moisture from the crawl space so mold and rot will no longer be a concern.

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Sagging Crawl Space

The SmartJack® Advantage

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair experts recommend the SmartJack® System to restore stability to your crawl space. The SmartJack® System uses adjustable heavy-duty steel crawl space jack posts to fit in any area.

Installation takes less than a day. Because of its adjustable posts, we can install the SmartJack® System in the tightest of crawl spaces. The galvanized steel posts resist corrosion and can support vertical loads of more than 60,000 lbs.

With the SmartJack® System, we can stabilize and restore sagging floors. Every crawl space jack evenly distributes weight through a precast concrete footing and fill material base to address poor support soils.

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