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Helical Piers

When your home experiences foundation settlement, structural issues will crop up all over the house. To fight foundation settlement and protect your home permanently, you need solutions you can trust. Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair uses helical piers to provide permanent support for your home’s foundation, so you never have to worry about foundation problems again.

Our helical pier system is made of your choice of black or galvanized steel and features helical blades at the lower section of each pier. These helical blades allow for quick and easy installation as we screw each pier into the soil.

Our helical piers can be installed any time of the year and include a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. This system doesn’t rely on the weight of the structure to reach the required depths and resists bending thanks to the round design of the shaft.

Each pier is mechanically advanced into the soil using compact construction or hand equipment for minimal disturbance.

Once our helical pier system reaches stable support soils or bedrock, we connect each pier to the footing of your foundation, so the weight of your home is transferred to the supporting strata below. After pier installation, we can attempt to lift your foundation to its original position.

Helical Piers Tip

The Best Time to Use Foundation Helical Piers

When we understand the local soil conditions, helical piers become an ideal solution. Our team can quickly discover how deep helical piers must be installed to reach stable soil. Helical piers are a good choice for:

  • Lifting your home back to its original position
  • Stabilizing lighter structures like decks or stoops
  • Minimizing disturbance during installation
  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of the installation
  • Restoring value to your property

Once our helical pier system is in place, your foundation problems will be gone for good.


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