Rigid Plastic Walls

If your basement is unfinished, why not beautify it at the same time as waterproofing it? BrightWall® offers a 100% waterproof paneling system made of rigid plastic, specifically designed for unfinished basement walls.

BrightWall® is durable, fully washable, and does not support the growth of rot, mold, or mildew. When installed alongside our BrightPost™ padded column wrap, your basement is transformed into a bright, welcoming space overnight.

Our BrightWall® solution also keeps out humidity and water vapor. Any moisture that’s trying to work its way through your foundation walls will be blocked by BrightWall® panels and redirected into your basement drainage system.

Installation is quick, requiring only one to two days to complete work. Once installed, your basement will be ready to use right away.

brightwall installed

How BrightWall® Improves Your Walls

BrightWall® panels are mechanically attached to your basement walls using drilled-in plastic fasteners. Because of this, you won’t ever have to worry about panels coming off the walls or degradation like you might expect from peeling or flaking paints and sealants. It just works.

BrightWall® is the best solution for any homeowner who wants to improve the look and feel of their basement without committing to completely finishing their basement. BrightWall® is a spectacular solution for hiding ugly, stained basement walls that have been marred by dirt, leaks, efflorescence, or iron ochre.

Free Estimates on Basement Waterproofing Solutions

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If your basement is leaking or in need of an appearance boost, we have the products to fix it up. All of our solutions are permanent and will help your basement stay dry for good. Call or contact the experts at Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair to schedule your free estimate today!