Grated Drain Pipe

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Grated Drain Pipe

Flooding from hatchway entrances, stairways, and garage doors is a common concern, and why we recommend using the TrenchDrain Drainage Pipe System. With the TrenchDrain Drainage Pipe System, grated openings collect flooding water before it can pass into another area.

The captured water is then directed to your drainage system so it can be sent away from your home.

With a removable lid, our grated drain pipe is easily cleaned and serviced. It even works with Radon mitigation systems. Because the grate is flush or slightly below the floor, you won’t have to worry about any tripping hazards. Our TrenchDrain Drainage Pipe System is designed to span doorways, hatchway entrances, and similar entryways.

Grated Drain Pipe

No More Flooding Through Garage Doors

With the TrenchDrain Drainage Pipe System installed along the garage door opening, all water is intercepted before crossing the threshold. The system will carry that water away to your sump pump, which will send the water away from your home.

To compliment your grated drain pipe, we recommend installing a drain along the inside of the garage. This way, it is much less likely to freeze when it gets cold outside. With a drain along the inside of the door, you can also protect the system from foreign debris like sand, dirt, sticks, and leaves.

Draining Hatchway Doors

We recommend installing the TrenchDrain Drainage System inside the hatchway entrance. The grated opening will separate the drain from your basement as much as possible.

Free Estimates on Grated Drain Pipes in North Carolina

If you’re having issues with flooding in entryways throughout the home, our TrenchDrain Drainage Pipe System can permanently solve the problem. Our grated drainpipe system will intercept all water before it can spread. Call or contact the experts at Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair to book your free estimate today!