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Sealant Applications

If excess moisture is starting to affect your crawl space, don’t wait. The wood in your crawl space needs lasting protection if it hopes to stay intact for long.

The organic materials in your crawl space are constantly under siege by moisture, humidity, and wood-eating pests. If you want to protect the wood in your crawl space and keep your home safe, crawl space sealer can be a cost-effective investment.

We can use our crawl space sealer in all areas of your crawl space for complete, lasting protection against excessive moisture absorption. It can be applied to protect the entire floor framing system, joists, subflooring, girder beams, sill plate, and rim band.

Our crawl space sealer works by automatically controlling moisture content in the wood, balancing moisture content to resist mold and fungus. Once applied, our crawl space sealer will prevent warping, deflection, deterioration, and rot of all joists and subfloor materials.

We can apply our crawl space sealer without first removing mold and fungus that’s already started growing in your crawl space, except for extreme cases. Once applied to the wood in your crawl space, our crawl space sealer starts working immediately.

Application of our sealer provides the organic material in your crawl space with the best chance of lasting for as long as possible.

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