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Wall Anchor Systems

When your foundation walls are starting to buckle due to lateral pressures from the surrounding soil, we can help. Using the Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System, we can permanently stabilize and support your basement walls.

Best of all, with our wall anchor system in place, you have the best chance at straightening your basement walls back to their original positions.

The Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System uses heavy-duty galvanized earth anchors to connect your foundation walls to hard-packed earth outside of your foundation. The Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System can be installed any time of the year and includes a 25-year warranty.

Installation is quick, typically completed within a day, and won’t damage interior flooring. Disturbance to your home, lawn, and landscaping is minimal during installation.

GeoLock Cross Section

How the Wall Anchor System Works

Foundation walls tend to buckle and bend due to the outside forces created by expanding or water-saturated soil. Your foundation walls are designed to resist vertical forces, and so the lateral forces created by the exterior earth can become too much to bear. Foundation wall anchors provide a solution to this vexing problem.

By installing wall anchors in hard-packed earth outside of your foundation and connecting them to your foundation walls, the walls will have the lateral support they need to resist lateral pressures. Once installation is complete, the inward movement of your walls is permanently halted.

As you tighten your wall anchors over time, you can straighten your walls until they’ve returned to their original position.

When to Use Foundation Wall Anchors

For wall anchor systems to provide your foundation walls with maximum effectiveness, you need access to several feet of space outside of your home. Wall anchors won’t be an option in areas where there are only a few feet between houses. If there isn’t sufficient space available, we have other wall repair options we can suggest.

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