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Crawl Space Drain Systems For your Raleigh Crawlspace

The original custom-engineered crawl space drain system in Raleigh.

Rainy weather, floods, and plumbing leaks can spell doom for your crawl space without the proper protection. Water can leak through vents, doors, and broken pipes, leading to wood rot, structural damage, and mold.

Protecting your crawl space against moisture is critical. Most crawl spaces aren’t regularly checked on, which means leaks and water damage could escape your notice for months or years at a time. All of the while, rot, mold, and mildew are spreading under your nose. If you aren’t careful, this could lead to substantial repair costs.

If your crawl space is prone to prolonged moisture exposure or flooding, don’t panic. Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair specializes in cutting-edge solutions that promise to keep your crawl space clean, healthy, and dry.

The Geo Drain™ crawl space drain system will make sure your crawl space’s moisture stays gone. If your crawl space needs help with its moisture issues, we offer free estimates through the greater North Carolina area, including Raleigh, Durham, Greenville, and more.

Geo Drain™: The Most Reliable Clog-Resistant Crawl Space Drain

When we install The Geo Drain™ Crawl Space Drainage System in your Raleigh home’s foundation, it makes quick work of standing water, muddy soil, and leaky walls. Custom engineered tiles protect waterproofing membranes while providing an excellent drainage solution. Each tile includes a high flow drainage core wrapped in non-woven filter fabric for maximum effectiveness.

Geo Drain™ replaces corrugated pipes typically used for drainage along the foundation or retaining walls. Combined with a sump pump, drainage matting, and a vapor barrier, your home will enjoy the ultimate protection against mold and water damage.

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