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Slab Piers

If sections of your concrete floor slab are cracking, sunken, or uneven, you might be seeing the effect of foundation settlement issues. When the soils supporting your slab erode, wash out or shift, empty pockets are created beneath the slab.

Without support, sections of your slab will sink to fill the empty space. This sinking creates unsightly tripping hazards that only get worse over time. While foundation issues may seem overwhelming, it’s important to know there are quick and effective solutions that can permanently solve your foundation settlement problems.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has the products to solve the issue for good. To fix and restore your concrete slab, we use slab pier systems to connect your slab to stable strata in the ground below your home.

Slab Pier System Cross Section

Installing the Foundation Supportworks Slab Pier System

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair uses the phenomenal Foundation Supportworks Slab Pier System to protect your concrete slab gainst foundation settlement. The Foundation Supportworks Slab Pier System stabilizes your concrete floor slab and gives you the best opportunity to restore your slab to its original position.

The Foundation Supportworks Slab Pier System includes a 25-year warranty for manufacturer’s defects and a performance warranty honored by Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. To install the Foundation Supportworks Slab Pier System, our foundation experts follow a six-step process:

1. Installation Prep

Your foundation expert will map out the locations for slab pier installation. Once mapped, small holes will be cored through the concrete slab floor. These holes are access points for each slab pier.

2. Slab Bracket Positioning

A three-piece slab bracket is assembled underneath your concrete slab floor. This approach allows for a much smaller hole to be cored in your concrete slab. More even weight distribution is achieved because the bracket reaches across a greater area along your floor.

3. Steel Tube Installation

Once the slab brackets are in place, steel tubes are hydraulically driven through each bracket until competent soils are reached. Foundation Supportworks slab piers are made of galvanized steel to resist corrosion and provide lasting strength.

4. Transfering Slab Weight to the Soil

Once installed, the steel tubes will transfer the weight of your slab to the stable soil or bedrock below. This transfer halts the sinking movement of your floor permanently. We will then attempt to lift the concrete slab to its original level position.

5. Injecting Grout Fill

After the concrete slab is lifted to a level position, there will be a space below the floor that needs filling. We will pump grout under the slab to fill all empty spaces.

6. Cleanup

Once installation is complete, our team will repair all cored holes with new concrete to hide all signs of the support work. Any debris that was left behind by our work will be cleaned and removed.

Slab Pier System

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If your concrete slab floor is experiencing problems due to foundation settlement, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can help. Call to schedule your free estimate on slab pier installation today!