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Channel Anchor

If your foundation walls are starting to bow, buckle, or tilt due to outside forces, you need a reliable solution that can fix the issue for good. The Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System is perfect for stabilizing and repairing tilting or bowing foundation walls.

Forget about total foundation replacement. With the Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System, you have a cost-effective solution that is minimally disruptive.

The Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System uses galvanized steel earth anchors embedded in stable soil and connected to your foundation walls to provide permanent support. This system can be installed any time of the year and includes a 25-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Once installed, we can tighten the Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System to straighten your walls over time.

geo lock wall anchor system

Installing The Channel Anchor System

To install the Foundation Supportworks Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System, our team of foundation repair experts follows a seven-step process:

1. Bore Holes for Earth Anchors

Before channel anchors can be installed, one of our foundation repair experts will map out the locations for the best placement of each anchor. At each location, we will carefully remove a section of sod which we will return later.

2. Prepare Foundation Walls

We will drill small holes through your foundation walls in correspondence to each earth anchor location.

3. Join Rods to Earth Anchors

Steel rods are connected to each earth anchor. Once the anchor and rod assemblies are made, we will bury them in their holes and replace the removed earth. We will then compact the ground to lock each anchor in place.

4. Mount Channel Anchors

Steel channel anchors are mounted to the inside of your foundation walls. These anchors are fitted over a steel rod. Each channel is coated in rust-resistant zinc for lasting performance.

5. Secure Channel Anchors to Floor

Each channel anchor’s position is fixed in place by bolting a strong steel bracket to the floor.

6. Restore Landscaping

Once installation is complete, our team will restore any damage caused to the landscaping to preserve the look of your home.

7. Tighten Wall Anchors

Finally, we will tighten your wall anchors to begin straightening your walls to their original positions.

Foundation wall anchors are the best solution for foundation wall repair when you have access to several feet of space outside your home. If your home has only a few feet of space, wall anchors will not be a viable option. Thankfully, we have other solutions available if you find yourself in that situation.

Free Estimates on Channel Anchor Installation

If you need help restoring your foundation walls to their original position, our channel anchor system can help. Contact us today for a free estimate.