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Trench drains are linear channels with a U-shaped profile, covered by a drainage grate. These drains are installed flush with the floor at the foot of an exterior stairway. Water that falls into the trench drain is sent to either your drainage system or your sump pump to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The problem is that trench drains allow air from drainage channels and from the ground to seep into the home. This air can contain radon, a hazardous and naturally occurring radioactive gas.

In the fight against unwanted water in basements, trench drains have been an undeniable asset. However, while they can deal with water well enough, they’ve never been able to handle radon — until now.

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The TrenchLock™ Solution

TrenchLock™ is a trench drain insert designed by Basement Systems. This special trench drain insert blocks unwanted ground air and gasses from passing into the home.

TrenchLock™ can be installed in existing trench drains with ease. Using balls of the right weight and size, gases are prevented from escaping through the drain. When water flows past the ball, the ball floats to allow water to pass underneath. This system enables drains to continue directing water without letting gasses escape into your home.

Compatible with Radon Mitigation Systems

If your home has a radon mitigation system, you might know that traditional trench drains interfere with the system. However, trench drains outfitted with the TrenchLock™ system don’t cause such interference. The TrenchLock™ system doesn’t “short-circuit” the depressurization field the radon mitigation system relies on.

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