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Wall Anchor Covers

Even if you don’t use your basement for much, it’s understandable to want the area looking its best. If your foundation walls have suffered damage due to expansive soils or otherwise, you might have needed foundation wall repairs using a wall anchor system.

While these systems aren’t obstructive to the space, you might want an option to cover up the repairs to preserve the look and feel of your basement.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can install Hide-A-Way® Anchor Covers to conceal your wall anchors without compromising functionality. Hide-A-Way® Anchor Covers can be installed in both finished and unfinished basements and allow periodic tightening of your wall anchor system.

Each cover is designed to snap over your wall anchors, providing easy access to your wall anchors if adjustments are necessary. Every panel is constructed of easily cleaned plastic with a low-profile design that fits tightly against the wall.

Finishing Your Basement

Foundation wall anchors are the best technology available for preventing structural damage due to outside forces and restoring the shape and verticality of your foundation walls.

However, to get the most out of your wall anchor system, you need to be able to access each wall anchor to continually adjust and tighten the system over time. Otherwise, your foundation walls will stay bent and bowed.

If you’re planning on finishing your basement, retaining access to your wall anchors can be a challenge. With the Hide-A-Way® Wall Anchor Cover System, you can conceal your wall anchors with a sleek, paintable design.

You can go ahead and finish your basement. If your wall anchor system ever needs to be tightened in the future, they can easily be accessed by a member of our team.

Wall Anchor Covers

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