Humid Crawl Space in Raleigh

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humid crawl space

Humid Crawl Space in Raleigh

This case study is located in Raleigh, NC, and the homeowner’s crawl space was extremely humid, leading to harsh odors and excessive moisture. The wet-dry cycle this home was experiencing slowly led to foundation settlement, causing cracks in the home. Regional offered a lifetime solution for the homeowner to eliminate the humidity and moisture problems. Regional also took preventative measures for the foundation settlement, and this homeowner was very happy with the results.


A homeowner located in Raleigh, NC was experiencing excessive humidity in their crawl space, which led to harsh odors and a lot of moisture. Every time it rained, water also pooled in front of the garage door. Over time, the water issues in this Raleigh home led to minor foundation settlement, which started to create cracks on the walls inside of the home. The homeowner wanted to ease their mind by getting all of these issues addressed before they got any worse.


One of our design specialists visited Nashville, NC and walked around to inspect the different areas of sidewalk, and he recommended PolyLevel to even out the sidewalks and create some peace of mind across the city of Nashville, NC. PolyLevel is a polyurethane foam that is injected through penny-sized holes drilled into the concrete. The foam then expands underneath the concrete and raises the sidewalk to an even level.

One of our concrete leveling crews went to Nashville, NC and injected the PolyLevel in several different spots and was able to return the sidewalk to level. The city of Nashville, NC was extremely impressed with the results, and there was even a community member that came to thank our crew because they were worried about kids on their bikes going over that unlevel of concrete.