Wood Damage Repair

Discovering that the wood in your crawl space has been ruined by rot, mold, and termites can be devastating. If you’re lucky, you can catch the issue ahead of time and save yourself from a more expensive project.

Repairing the wood damage alone won’t provide a permanent solution. Instead, you need a professional crawl space contractor who can eliminate the source of wood damage in your crawl space.

Before You Replace Your Damaged Wood

Don’t just get your damaged wood repaired; prevent it from ever happening again by doing the following:

Once there are no more pests or sources of excess humidity and moisture, you can begin repairs to your rotted wood.

Install Crawl Space Supports

Replacing the rotted and damaged wood in your crawl space isn’t as necessary as you might expect. Even when your crawl space frame is damaged by mold, we can install crawl space jack posts or crawl space supports to repair the damage.

Crawl space supports are adjustable and easily installed under your home, restoring structural strength.

Once We Complete Crawl Space Repairs

To make sure your crawl space enjoys lasting protection, take the following steps to prevent future damage:

Following these steps will deter pests from finding their way into your crawl space, block out outside moisture, and remove any humidity that remains in your crawl space.

crawl space needs waterproofing
crawl space waterproofing

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