Dry Rot

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Dry Rot

Dry rot can lead to significant damage throughout your home and potentially affect your health. If your home is experiencing dry rot, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can help.

Dry Rot vs. Brown Rot

Dry rot is an older term for brown rot that was once described as a dry, cracking, rotting bit of wood. Researchers discovered that dry rot is not a moisture-free rot species, but a moisture-based one that uses fermentation to survive.

After this discovery, dry rot was referred to as brown rot instead. Dry rot does not need much moisture compared to other wood-rotting fungi. Instead, it only needs about 28-30% wood moisture content to survive.

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How to Identify Dry Rot in North Carolina

The most common way to identify dry rot is by the sudden appearance of red brick dust. It looks just like it sounds, but the dust is actually a pile of fungal spores waiting to spread.

How Does Dry Rot Start?

If your home recently experienced flooding, burst or leaking pipes, a broken water heater, or something similar, the moisture can lead to dry rot months later. Some homes trapped water or moisture inside while they were under construction. Dry rot is more common in crawl spaces with air vents and basements with groundwater flooding.

How to Solve Dry Rot Problems in Your Basement or Crawl Space

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair will help dry out your basement or crawl space and seal it completely to prevent humidity from ever entering again. By encapsulating your crawl space or basement, dry rot problems are eliminated at the source. As an added benefit, your basement or crawl space will be protected against flooding, pest infestation, and energy loss.

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