Crawl Space Winterization

Your crawl space may be a major source of cold air in your home. If your crawl space isn’t properly sealed, outside air can seep into the space and force your HVAC system to work harder over time. 

This infiltration can cause your home to feel colder than it should and increase your monthly energy bills. With Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, you can get your crawl space sealed and insulated to keep the cold out for good.

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Knightdale, NC - After Photo

Cold Air & Faulty Crawl Space Insulation

There are two important things to look out for when it comes to your crawl space. The first is fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation isn’t adequate for crawl space ceilings, leaving your pipes and floors vulnerable to the cold. 

The second is ductwork in a vented crawl space. In a vented crawl space, your ductwork will chill in the winter and blaze in the summer, forcing your HVAC system to work harder than it needs to and reducing your efficiency by up to 40%. 

Sealing Your Crawl Space

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair can fully seal your crawl space to eliminate all of your cold-weather issues. Our professionals will seal and winterize the entire crawl space foundation. 

The first step in the process is to create an air seal and insulate the rim joist. This approach seals any gaps around the edge of your foundation so cold outside air can’t leak in. After that, we’ll insulate the crawl space with SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation to provide a superior R-value insulation that resists moisture. 

Finally, we’ll seal and insulate the crawl space floor. We use TerraBlock™ foam insulation for the floors, covered by our CleanSpace® moisture barrier.

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