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Push Piers

If you need a permanent solution to your home’s foundation settlement issues, you can trust our Supportworks’ Push Piers. Our push pier system is made of steel for lasting performance and corrosion resistance.

Each pier is driven deep into the soil until stable supporting soil or bedrock is reached. Once installed, the weight of your home is transferred to this supporting strata, so you don’t have to worry about foundation settlement ever again.

Push Piers System

Our Push Pier System

The push pier system used by Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is the best foundation settlement solution that exists. If you want lasting structural support, our push pier system is your best opportunity. With its galvanized steel design and 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, you will enjoy lasting peace of mind.

Our system includes a patent-pending external sleeve designed to reinforce each pier directly below the foundation bracket. This location is the most critical area for adding structural support. With the external sleeve in place, kinking, buckling, and rotation are prevented entirely. These are issues commonly found on other push pier systems.

The Best Time to Use Foundation Push Piers

Push piers reach further into the earth than any other foundation pier solution. Because each pier is driven into bedrock or stable soil, push piers are typically the most reliable solution when there is no knowledge of local soil conditions. Choose push piers if you want:

  • A fast and effective installation
  • Minimal disturbance during installation
  • Your best chance at restoring your home to its original position
  • To restore lost value to your property

If you’re hoping to restore lighter structures like decks or stoops, helical piers are a more effective solution than push piers. Because these structures lack the weight required to drive push piers to a sufficient depth, helical piers offer a better solution.

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