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Wall Anchors

Structural problems affecting your foundation walls can be a real hassle. Diagonal cracks might form at the corners of your walls. Horizontal or stair-step cracks might develop in the middle. Your foundation walls will eventually bow, bulge, or buckle inward.

The damage is noticeable and, worst of all, it only gets worse with time. To fix and restore damaged foundation walls, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair uses custom-designed wall anchor systems to connect your foundation walls with stable supporting soils.

Warrantied and Corrosion-Resistant Wall Anchors

The wall anchor systems used by Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair are designed to be installed quickly, with minimal disruption to your landscaping or home. Most foundation repairs are completed within a single day.

GeoLock Before
GeoLock After

Foundation Supportworks Wall Anchor Products

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair uses Foundation Supportworks’ proven foundation repair products to repair and restore damaged foundation walls. With an array of powerful options, there is no foundation problem we can’t handle.

The Geo-Lock™ Foundation Wall Anchor System

This wall anchor system permanently stabilizes your foundation walls. Anchors are installed in hard-packed virgin soil outside your foundation and connected to your foundation walls, providing the lateral support they need. We can tighten most walls over time to straighten and restore them to their original position.

The Geo-Lock™ Street Creep Repair System

This two-part repair technique uses expansion joints and the Geo-Lock™ Wall Anchor System to permanently halt foundation damage caused by street creep.

The Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System

For foundation walls showing signs of extreme wall failure, the Geo-Lock™ Channel Anchor System provides optimal bracing and failure protection.

Hide-A-Way® Wall Anchor Covers

If you’ve needed wall anchors in the past to repair your foundation walls, these covers provide a clean and attractive solution for hiding repairs. The snap-on design of these covers offers easy access to wall anchor tightening bolts in case adjustments need to be made.

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