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Mold Wood

When mold starts to develop in your crawl space, wood rot follows soon after. Down the line, this can lead to structural damage throughout the home and potential health risks. It’s a problem all across the country, but we can prevent it.

To protect your crawl space, we can install a crawl space vapor barrier system. A vapor barrier system will provide effective protection against excess humidity and prevent mold and mildew growth entirely. This approach will protect your home and your health for good.

With Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, you have a team of crawl space experts at your disposal. Our team can install a protective crawl space vapor barrier system in less than a day.

Moldy Joists

Crawl Space Mold Warning Signs

If your crawl space is suffering from mold growth, the problem will make itself known without you even needing to enter the crawl space. When warm air rises to your attic, it leaves behind a vacuum that outside air and the air from your crawl space will fill.

If your crawl space is moldy, it won’t be long before you detect a pungent musty smell. If you’re especially sensitive, you might feel it, too. It’s not uncommon for individuals to present symptoms of mold and dust mite allergies.

The problem doesn’t stop there, however. As your crawl space decays, it’s supports will weaken. This weakening can lead to your floors sagging or becoming uneven. In the area above your crawl space, doors might jam, mold might grow on your carpeting, and the floor could potentially collapse.

You’ll likely see visible mold growth and discoloration from water damage on exposed wood if you enter the crawl space. The smell of mold might be more intense.

On your concrete walls, a white, powder-like substance might be developing. This powdery substance typically indicates that moisture is finding a way through the walls to contribute to the humid environment in your crawl space.

How to Prevent and Eliminate Crawl Space Mold

Your first thought might be to grab some bleach and water. However, bleach and water aren’t effective for long-term mold removal. If the source of mold growth isn’t removed, mold will grow back within 24 to 48 hours after removal. Even with repeated washing and removal, you won’t address the problems of rot damage and humidity this way.

Instead, the best solution is to seal your crawl space vents and install a crawl space vapor barrier to lock out humidity. Following up with the installation of a self-draining dehumidifier will keep the inside dry for good. All other solutions for repairs and mold remediation are temporary fixes.

As a quick tip, if you own a clothes dryer, pay close attention to where your dryer vent ends. If it isn’t perfectly sealed, your dryer vent might be contributing to the humidity problem.

When a dryer runs, it sends a significant amount of moisture through the dryer vent. This moisture can get into the air around the vent if not properly sealed or attached.


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