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Drainage Matting

Redirect water from the floor to your perimeter drain with ease.

Crawl spaces prone to flooding are a major source of mold growth and wood rot throughout the home. When your crawl space floods, water can get trapped underneath, preventing it from ever reaching your perimeter drain.

With Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, you can effectively protect your crawl space from invasive moisture. Our CleanSpace® Drainage Matting provides your crawl space with a channel under the crawl space liner.

This channel redirects floodwater in your crawl space to your perimeter crawl space drain, where your sump pump system can safely remove it from the area.

Quick Installation Times

Our CleanSpace® Drainage Matting is an optional system that we can install alongside your crawl space vapor barrier system. While it is an additional installation, it won’t significantly add to the total time required for your vapor barrier installation.

To keep installation times low, we will send a crew to your home. One of our professionals will lay down your drainage matting while another technician installs the liner. All in all, our CleanSpace® crawl space system takes less than a day to fully install.

How We Install Crawl Space Drainage Matting

Crawl space vapor barriers are one of the best ways to keep outside water and concentrated moisture from invading your crawl space. However, you still need a way of draining flooded water underneath your liner. With CleanSpace® Drainage Matting, all of this is taken care of for you.

CleanSpace® Drainage Matting can be installed on all crawl space floor types, including dirt and concrete surfaces. Our CleanSpace® Drainage Matting XL offers superior durability and larger drain channels if your crawl space needs more heavy-duty protection.

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