Crawl Space Encapsulation in Creedmoor

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Creedmoor

This case study took place in Creedmoor, NC, with a homeowner who noticed cracks beginning to form inside of their home. Like many of the problems Regional solves, this is due to foundation settlement, which can only get worse over time. The homeowner was also experiencing moisture in the crawl space, paired with insulation falling down. Regional was able to provide a lifetime solution by preventing further foundation settlement, as well as providing crawl space repair and preventative measure for future moisture.


A homeowner located in Creedmoor, NC noticed cracks beginning to form around the edges of doors and entryways on the inside of their home, and, like many homeowners in Eastern North Carolina, they gave us a call to schedule a free inspection. This Creedmoor homeowner also noticed moisture in the crawl space, causing insulation to fall down. The homeowner scheduled this inspection because they were concerned with the state of their home, and one of Regional’s design specialists made a visit.


Regional’s design specialist understood all of this Creedmoor homeowner’s concerns and came up with a plan to offer a lifetime crawl space and foundation solution. The cracks on the walls inside of this Eastern North Carolinian home are signs of foundation settlement, which can only get worse without treatment. Because of this, our installation crew installed four SmartJacks, which provide additional support to the foundation of the home from underneath, in the crawl space. These SmartJacks prevent the foundation from settling and sinking any further in the future.

In order to take care of the moisture problem in the crawl space, our crew installed CleanSpace Encapsulation, SilverGlo, and a SaniDry Sedona. The combination of the floor and walls being covered, plus the SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier will create a dry and humid-free environment. These products will provide a lifetime solution for this Creedmoor homeowner, and their mind will be put at ease.