Can a Sump Pump Improve Crawl Space Humidity Levels?

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Excessive humidity is a challenge for many who have a crawl space. The excellent news is that adding a crawl space sump pump is one of the best ways to manage humidity in your crawl space. However, while these pumps are effective, they are not the only way to lower crawl space humidity.

How Does a Crawl Space Sump Pump Work?

The functionality of a crawl space sump pump is simple. These pumps collect water from your crawl space area. Once they collect the water, they will pump it through a discharge pipe that leads out of the home. Anyone struggling with standing water can benefit from installing one of these pumps.

How Does a Sump Pump Work

Essential Components of a Crawl Space Sump Pump

The pump is the main feature of a crawl space sump pump. However, the list below shows that it is far from the only crucial element of a sump pump system:

Do you struggle with excessive humidity levels in your home’s crawl space? If so, installing a crawl space sump pump might be just the solution you need.

  1. Sump pit: Water must fill the sump pit area before the pump activates. Typically, sump pits sit within a crawl space floor and are responsible for collecting standing water in that area. These pits also house the pump itself.
  2. Pump: The primary functionality of a sump pump comes from this feature. When enough water enters the sump pit, the pump activates, pushing the water up the discharge pipe.
  3. Discharge pipe: The discharge pipe conveys water from the pump to the outside of the home. These pipes usually connect to the pump and then travel upward and outward to a safe location outdoors.
  4. Valve: Sump pump discharge pipes won’t work unless they include a sump pump valve. These valves are essential because they prevent water from falling down the pipe into the sump pump. The valves also allow water to move up the pipe when the pump activates.
  5. Cover: Sump pit covers are not vital to the function of a sump pump. However, these covers conceal the pit, making it slightly more aesthetically pleasing. The covers also help mask smells from stagnant water in the sump pit.
  6. Power supply: Sump pump systems require a primary power supply. Typically, these systems connect to an electrical outlet and depend on it for power.
  7. Battery backup: When the electrical system fails, it is critical to have a battery backup. These battery backups allow the pump to continue operation even if the power goes out.
  8. Floating switch: You’ll likely find a floating switch within a sump pit. These switches allow a person to manually turn the pump on and off.

Benefits of a Sump Pump System in Your Crawl Space

The list below shows some of the advantages you can expect to receive when you install a sump pump system in your crawl space:

  1. Less flooding: The ideal purpose of a sump pump is to collect standing water and move it out of the area. This feature dramatically reduces flooding wherever a sump pump is in operation.
  2. Active response: Sump pumps automatically respond to the water in the pit. Rather than turning the pump on or off, you can depend on it to move water out of your home whenever necessary.
  3. Less mold and mildew: Standing water encourages the growth of mold and mildew. Sump pumps remove standing water, thus reducing the odds these substances will grow.
  4. Better air quality: The air quality will improve when less water stagnates in your foundation area. This improvement can have a positive effect on those with lung conditions.
  5. Improved humidity levels: While sump pumps can’t pull moisture out of the air, they can reduce overall moisture levels by eliminating standing water. By allowing a pump to collect standing water, you can expect the relative humidity in the crawl space to lower.
  6. Protection against water damage: By eliminating standing water, sump pumps also reduce that water’s ability to cause damage to your crawl space. The lack of water damage allows structural elements in your crawl space to last longer without repairs or replacement.
  7. Pest prevention: Many pests thrive in the environment that standing water provides. Sump pumps also aid in pest prevention efforts by removing standing water.

Sump Pumps Require Other Drainage Features

A sump pump is effective for removing standing water. However, sump pumps do not operate at their fullest capacity unless they connect to other drainage systems. Drain tile and floor drains can all become part of a complete drainage system. These structures collect water in and around your foundation and convey it into the sump pit. Once enough water arrives, the pump will activate and remove it from your home.

Additional Ways to Improve Crawl Space Humidity Levels

  1. Enhance drainage: Some homes lack the main features of a crawl space drainage system. Still, even if those features are present, they may be broken or clogged. Either way, enhancing drainage is one of the best ways to manage crawl space moisture.
  2. Grading: If the land around your crawl space is flat or pitched towards the foundation, it encourages moisture to accumulate. Regrade your landscape to a distinct slope away from the crawl space.
  3. Clean gutters and install downspout extensions: Short downspouts can deposit water near a crawl space. Clogged gutters can create the same issue. Cleaning gutters and installing downspout extensions ensures water from your roof moves well away from your home.
  4. Crawl space encapsulation: This service involves the installation of a vapor barrier, which creates a complete seal between the crawl space and the outside. This seal prevents moisture and pests from entering. Additionally, the best crawl space encapsulation services include dehumidification. This final step is ideal for addressing any moisture in the space. By running a dehumidifier, you can dramatically lower the relative humidity in your crawl space area.

Fix Crawl Space Drainage Issues

Hire Someone Who Know About Crawl Spaces

It is challenging to understand the effect of humidity on crawl spaces and how to control it. The wisest approach is to seek the help of someone specializing in crawl spaces and foundation repairs. These professionals know if your crawl space requires moisture control and can install a sump pump.

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