Concrete Leveling in Cary

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Concrete Leveling in Cary

Concrete Leveling in Cary

This case study took place in Cary, NC, with a homeowner who noticed water was being leaked through their basement. This was due to the concrete on their driveway being uneven and causing water to flood at the root of the home. The cause of this home’s uneven concrete was due to the soil beneath the concrete slab being shrunk, settled, or washed away leaving an empty space and causing the concrete to sink. This homeowner did the right thing by calling Regional in order to prevent further leaking and damage. Regional was able to provide a durable solution by lifting and leveling this homeowner’s driveway.

Concrete Leveling in Cary


A homeowner located in Cary, NC noticed water beginning to leak through their basement wall and, like many homeowners in Eastern North Carolina, they gave us a call to schedule a free inspection. This Cary homeowner noticed that water was being leaked in their basement due to flooding that was forming on their sidewalk during days of heavy rain.The homeowner scheduled this inspection because they were concerned with the state of their basement, and one of Regional’s design specialists made a visit.

Concrete Leveling in Cary


Regional’s design specialist understood all of this Cary homeowner’s concerns and came up with a plan to offer a durable and non-invasive solution. The water leak inside of this Eastern North Carolinian home can only get worse without treatment. Because of this, our installation crew injected PolyLevel to fill the empty spaces beneath this homeowner’s concrete to lift and level the driveway. PolyLevel is built to last, with filling that lifts and stabilizes concrete slabs, and eliminates the possibility of future settlement issues.In order to take care of the moisture problem in the basement, our crew used PolyLevel foam injection to restore and level the homeowner’s driveway and prevent further water flooding. Our installation team finished off the job by installing NexusPro to seal the joints and cracks and prevent future rain from entering through any cracks. This solution will provide prevention of further water damage to the home and the homeowner’s mind will be put at ease.