Foundation Repair, Wood Repair, and Waterproofing in Spring Lake

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Foundation Repair, Wood Repair, and Waterproofing in Spring Lake

Foundation Repair, Wood Repair, and Waterproofing in Spring Lake

This Eastern North Carolina home is located in Spring Lake, just outside of Fayetteville. The homeowner originally called Regional Foundation and Crawl Space Repair with concerns about their foundation. After a thorough inspection by one of our Design Specialists, it was determined that the foundation issues the home was experiencing was due to excessive moisture and humidity. Because of this, there was an excess amount of rotted wood and an extremely moldy HVAC system. This homeowner took everything presented to them into consideration, and they ultimately decided to fix their humidity problem, fix the wood, replace the HVAC system, and provide additional support to their foundation.

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A homeowner located in Spring Lake, North Carolina called in to Regional Foundation and Crawl Space Repair after noticing a few signs of foundation settlement on their North Carolinian home. This Eastern North Carolina homeowner wasn’t sure to what extent their foundation needed repairs, so they called the experts for advice. After the initial phone call, Regional’s Customer Care team set the homeowner up for a thorough inspection with one of our Design Specialists. At the time of inspection, our Design Specialist was able to get to the root cause of the issues, form an explanatory presentation, and provide a free estimate. Upon inspecting, the Design Specialist noticed wood rot due to high humidity and moisture. Sloping floors, cracks in and outside the home, and sticky doors and windows are all signs of foundation issues. Since the wood under the home was rotted, it also led to sloping floors inside. This Spring Lake home was suffering from a combination of issues. Luckily, this homeowner knew exactly who to call, and we were able to fit them with a lifetime solution.

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In the end, the homeowner decided to move forward with foundation repair, waterproofing, wood work, and a new HVAC system that we worked with a subcontractor for. The new refreshment to their crawl space and foundation will have this homeowner worry-free for as long as they’re in this home, as well as any future homeowners. In terms of foundation repair, Regional installed two Push Piers, which are dug into the Earth on the outside of the home and placed underneath the footers. Pipe is pushed even further underground to stabilize the foundation. These Push Piers were paired with a Supplemental Beam, which is designed to give even further support.

To waterproof the crawl space and prevent further moisture issues, a full encapsulation was performed. This consisted of a SuperSump Plus, which is a high-quality sump pump, Geo Drain, SilverGlo, CleanSpace, and a SaniDry Sedona, which is an extremely high-quality dehumidifier. Geo Drain is a drainage system that is dug around the interior perimeter of the crawl space, designed to drain water coming in toward the SuperSump Plus. CleanSpace is a heavy-duty 20-mil-thick liner designed to brighten your crawl space, allowing you to easily see it is free of mold, insects, and dirt. SilverGlo is placed on the walls as a new insulation system, replacing the old, moldy insulation between the floor joists.

Regional also performed extensive wood work in the crawl space, including joist sistering and replacing the center girder. When floor joists are sistered, a new joist is nailed into the old joist, giving additional support. New metal bracket hangers are placed at the ends of the new joists to ensure they are sturdy. The center girder was replaced as well, ensuring that all of the wood in the crawl space is refreshed and sturdy. A new HVAC system was also installed to get rid of all of the old ductwork contaminated by mold and excessive moisture. The combination of all of these solutions will keep this Spring Lake home in great condition for years to come. Instead of continuing to worry about the state of their home’s foundation, this Eastern North Carolina homeowner gave Regional Foundation and Crawl Space Repair a call. Regional was able to take it from there and provide a lifetime solution, giving them peace of mind with their home.