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If your crawl space has started to sag, your home is threatened by serious foundation issues that need to be addressed before the situation worsens. A sagging crawl space can be caused by multiple issues, including support columns that are improperly spaced, rotting joists, girders, and posts, and columns that have settled into the base. 

Homeowners need to be aware of the signs their crawl space is in trouble. Crawl space supports might begin to sink or tilt. Wooden structural components might be damp or begin to rot. Cracks begin to form on the interior drywall. Walls and doors near and above the crawl space might begin to jam or appear skewed. As the condition of the crawl space deteriorates, the floors over the crawl space will begin to bow or sag, leaving gaps between the walls and floor, all these are signs that you might need Durham's best crawl space contractors. 

But there is good news! By immediately addressing the root cause of a sagging crawl space in your Durham home, the area can be properly stabilized. Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has permanent crawl space repair solutions. We can install additional supports to eliminate sagging and add a crawl space liner to mitigate damaging moisture levels. We are the crawl space repair contractor in Durham that you can trust! 

crawl space needs waterproofing
SmartJack system poured base cross section

The SmartJack® Advantage

Restoring your crawl space’s purpose and integrity is why Regional Foundation & Crawl Space recommends the SmartJack® System. The SmartJack System uses galvanized steel posts that can be installed in less than 24 hours and are suitable for any size crawl space. The posts are corrosion-resistant, support loads greater than 60,000 pounds, and are completely adjustable. With the SmartJack System, sagging floors, cracked walls, and sticking windows are no longer a concern! The base for the supports are filled to reinforce a tired foundation, and precast concrete footing distributes weight evenly. 

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For more information about giving your crawl space the permanent support it needs, get in touch with our crawl space foundation repair experts. Contact Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate!