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Fayetteville Crawl Space Contractor

A sagging crawl space is a symptom of serious foundation issues that need to be dealt with promptly. The condition will only deteriorate over time, so a permanent solution is the best thing you can do for your home. Give your crawl space the support it deserves and protect your home by contacting Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair now to get a free repair estimate from our crawl space contractors in Fayetteville.

Improperly spaced support columns, settling columns and joists, girders, and posts that have begun to rot can cause your crawl space to sag. The sagging can also cause supports to tilt and sink. Organic materials in the area might rot. Interior drywall can begin to crack and doors and windows above the crawl space area may start to stick. The floors above the area will sag and create a gap between the wall and floor as bowing and sagging occurs.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair is a trusted expert in Fayetteville for crawl space foundation repair. We provide lasting solutions that will restore stability to your crawl space, allowing it to function properly once again. Additional supports can be installed to stabilize the floors, and excessive moisture can be mitigated by adding a crawl space liner.

crawl space needs waterproofing

The SmartJack® Advantage

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space recommends the SmartJack® System for restoring your crawl space’s purpose and integrity. By using galvanized steel posts, the SmartJack System is installed in as little as one day. These adjustable supports are perfect for any size crawl space. The posts are corrosion-resistant and can fully support loads over 60,000 lbs. Don’t let a sagging crawl space continue to wreak havoc on your home. Get in touch with Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in Fayetteville today. We can implement the SmartJack System, evenly distribute the weight across the flooring, and prevent moisture from doing more damage.

SmartJack system poured base cross section

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Regional Foundation & Crawl Space can provide permanent solutions to protect your home. Contact the Fayetteville crawl space contractors you can trust today to learn more about how we can provide the support your sagging crawl space needs. For a free, no-obligation estimate, schedule your free estimate now!