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Greensboro Crawl Space Repair

For homeowners in Greensboro, crawl space repair may prevent an array of other problems that could compromise their home’s safety. When it comes to crawl spaces in North Carolina, wood rot and mold are common problems. Unfortunately, these two problems can easily spread throughout the rest of the home.

When mold and rot spread, they often venture into the floors, walls, and even the air of your home. Mold spores can cause various health problems, including respiratory infections. Even worse, mold can seep into other areas and infect them as well.

For these reasons, if you live in Greensboro, crawl space repair is something you’ll want to stay on top of.

Drainage Matting

Mold Removal

Mold is a common household problem with potentially severe implications. It can affect anyone in your home, including your spouse, children, and pets. If the mold levels in your home are out of control, DIY removal is not recommended. Due to the nature of mold, crawl space repair services at your Greensboro, NC home are best left to the professionals.

mold in basement

Wood Rot

When wood absorbs water and the water doesn’t evaporate, it will permeate the wood and subsequently rot it. Like mold, if wood rot on your Greensboro, NC property is not addressed quickly, it may spread to other areas and create even more problems.

Here are some signs of wood rot:

  • Black fungus on the surface of the wood
  • Fungus includes a sporocarp
  • Fungus has white coloring
  • Musty smell

If you notice any signs of wood rot, reach out to Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair immediately to request crawl space repair services at your Greensboro, NC home.

Rotten Joist

Ready for Repair? Contact the Experts

If your crawl space requires repair, leave it to the experts. At Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, our team of experts has a proven method for expediently repairing crawl spaces. Contact us today for a free estimate on our crawl space repair services in Greensboro, NC. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.