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Greenville Patio Repair

Damage to your patio shouldn’t keep you from enjoying it. The Greenville patio repair experts at Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair are here to help. Accumulating moisture can affect more than your concrete walls and foundation. Have you noticed that your patio has cracked or started to sink? Patio slabs are also subjected to the elements. When the soil beneath concrete patio slabs is compromised, concrete sinks. To stay level, concrete requires a firm soil base.

When concrete sinks into the soil beneath it, cracks appear and the patio slab continues to deteriorate, sinking even further into the soil. The sinking and cracking concrete becomes a tripping hazard and can lead to further damage throughout the slab. The sinking and cracking concrete patio leveling experts at Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair are here to restore the functionality of your patio space.

To understand the root cause of a cracked or sinking patio, it’s important to know why the soil is the culprit. Concrete slabs settle when:

  • Soil shrinks and expands
  • Soil is washed away
  • The soil was poorly compacted during the construction

There is a science to the contraction and shrinkage process soil goes through. When exposed to moisture, the soil expands. As it dries out, the soil shrinks again. Excess moisture and excess dryness create a movement that causes damage to your concrete patio slabs.

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When water from rain, snow melt, or leaking plumbing finds its way into the soil beneath concrete slabs, the water erodes the soil and carries it away from the structure. With the dirt washed away, the concrete sinks into the pockets due to a lack of support.

If the soil around the structure was not properly compacted during the initial construction phase, the ground below the concrete isn’t sturdy enough to hold the weight of the concrete. As the soil compresses, the patio and structure sink because they don’t have the proper support to remain stable.

If you’ve noticed you need Greenville patio repair due to cracking or sinking around your outdoor spaces or within your home, contact Regional Foundation and Crawl Space Repair. Our Greenville concrete patio repair experts are here to make sure you get to enjoy your patio – hazard-free – for years to come!