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Sagging Crawl Space Repair in Greenville

Is worrying about a sagging crawl space keeping you awake at night? Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in Greenville has solutions to the damage caused by excess moisture and humidity. Some of the signs include sagging, bowing, mildew, and rot in your crawl space. 

A sagging crawl space is a definite sign that your structure has foundation concerns that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Unaddressed moisture issues lead to damage that compounds over time. Accumulating water, humidity, and weeping walls will cause permanent damage that leads to an assortment of structural issues. When a crawl space begins to sag, the floor above it begins to show signs of stress and improper support. Beams, joists, and girders that support the crawl space will begin to rot from excess moisture, or the crawl space might be sagging because of improperly spaced supports. Supports that are not distanced correctly will cause the floors to sag.

Sagging Crawl Space

Once begun, the deteriorating effects of excess moisture can have devastating repercussions for your structure’s durability. Fortunately, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in Greenville has permanent solutions that will restore structural integrity to a sagging crawl space and prevent excess moisture from doing further damage. Additional supports can be installed to give a sagging floor or walls a firmer foundation. Rotted joists, supports, or beams can be bolstered, replaced, or possibly repaired. The installation of a crawl space liner will help treat the damage to your Greenville crawl space caused by excess moisture and humidity. This will prevent moisture from repeating the moisture cycle and keep your crawl space dry and functional.

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