How Quickly Can a Dehumidifier Dry Out Your Crawl Space?

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There are several factors to consider when assessing the functionality of a crawl space dehumidifier. For example, the size of the crawl space, the amount of moisture, the dehumidifier’s style, the dehumidifier setting, and much more influence how quickly this machine will dry a crawl space. However, most dehumidifiers will dry out a crawl space in as little as ten hours and as long as two days.

What is the Role of a Crawl Space Dehumidifier?

The purpose of a dehumidifier is to manage the moisture level in a space. This primary functionality remains true whether the dehumidifier is in a crawl space or any room inside your home. The best dehumidifiers allow you to monitor and manage the ideal relative humidity level. This prevents excessive air moisture from becoming a problem.

Learn the speed and efficiency of dehumidifiers for your home's crawl space. Get insights on moisture removal to protect your property. Perfect for homeowners.

How Are Dehumidifiers Relevant to Crawl Spaces

Dehumidifiers are especially relevant to crawl spaces because foundation areas are prone to excessive moisture. Installing a dehumidification system can benefit many foundation types, but it is especially crucial for crawl spaces. Setting up a dehumidifier is also the final step in crawl space encapsulation.

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

  1. Eliminating standing water: A foundation professional removes all standing water when encapsulating a crawl space.
  2. Structural repair and replacement: If water has been a problem in your crawl space for a considerable time, it likely caused structural damage. The second stage of the encapsulation process includes performing structural repairs and replacements in response to this water damage.
  3. Enhance drainage: An encapsulation service includes enhancements to your drainage system. These improvements ensure your system is complete and lacks clogs and breaks.
  4. Seal vents: Despite what many people assume, the vents on a crawl space are not beneficial. Instead, crawl space vents allow moist air from outside to enter the crawl space. This causes the relative humidity to rise in the crawl space. Encapsulation provides another advantage to crawl spaces by sealing the vents.
  5. Vapor barrier: The main stage of an encapsulation project involves lining the crawl space with a vapor barrier. This vapor barrier creates a complete seal that keeps moisture and pests out.
  6. Dehumidifier installation: As mentioned above, adding a dehumidifier is the final step of encapsulation. These dehumidifiers dry out the crawl space and prevent future moisture issues.

Learn the speed and efficiency of dehumidifiers for your home's crawl space. Get insights on moisture removal to protect your property. Perfect for homeowners.

Advantages of Encapsulating a Crawl Space

  1. Moisture management: Once your crawl space is encapsulated, you won’t need to worry about water getting inside. Preventing water from entering eliminates most moisture-related problems.
  2. Reduced mold and mildew growth: Less moisture means less mold and mildew, which can harm structures and human health.
  3. Pest prevention: A complete seal keeps out moisture and stops pests from entering your crawl space.
  4. Improved energy efficiency: Encapsulation helps protect utilities in your crawl space area. This protection allows each HVAC system to operate more efficiently.
  5. More storage: An encapsulated crawl space is one that you can use for storage. This area is ideal for tools and less valuable items.
  6. Better dehumidification: Encapsulating your crawl space allows you to dry it out via dehumidification.
  7. Structural protection: Encapsulation preserves the structures that comprise your crawl space. That effect increases structure longevity and reduces the need for repairs or replacement.

Advantage of Encapsulating your Crawl Space

Reasons Your Crawl Space Needs Dehumidification

  1. Clogged, broken, or missing drainage: Some foundations lack a drainage system. However, even if a drainage system is present, it can develop breaks or clogs. When this occurs, water can enter your crawl space. Dehumidification is one of the leading ways to keep a crawl space dry.
  2. Hydrostatic pressure: Water below the earth’s surface can press against your foundation. Eventually, this force may cause water to seep into your crawl space. After addressing the hydrostatic pressure and performing encapsulation, adding a dehumidifier is the best way to ensure this space remains dry.
  3. Grading problems: If the land surrounding your home is flat or pitches toward the foundation, it can encourage water to puddle and seep into the crawl space. Regrading the landscape so it pitches away from the home helps prevent puddling. Dehumidification dries out any moisture the grading issue sends into the crawl space.
  4. Faulty gutters and downspouts: The role of a gutter and downspout system is to collect water from the rooftop and convey it away from the home. When a gutter becomes clogged, it is more likely to deposit water directly onto the soil surrounding a crawl space. Likewise, short downspouts can create the same issue. Cleaning your gutters and installing downspout extensions prevents both of these problems.
  5. High humidity: A dehumidifier is ideal whenever your crawl space has naturally high humidity levels. Despite the naturally high relative humidity, a well-functioning dehumidifier will help prevent that humidity from being an issue.

Hire a Professional for Your Crawl Space Dehumidification

If you struggle with moisture-related issues in your home, it may result from an issue with your crawl space. However, attempting to resolve these issues alone may make them worse than they were. Instead, hire a qualified professional to evaluate your crawl space, encapsulate it if necessary, and install the ideal dehumidification system.

If you are a homeowner or business struggling with excessive moisture in your crawl space, call Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of crawl spaces, and we will gladly provide dehumidification if that is what you need. Anyone in the Triad, Triangle, or Eastern North Carolina should contact us today to learn more.