Is DIY Mudjacking a Good Idea?

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There are many homeowners out there who take a DIY approach to the repairs that their properties need. For instance, when some homeowners notice uneven concrete slabs, they quickly assume there is a safe and effective way to resolve the issue on their own.

One of the most common means these homeowners consider for fixing uneven concrete is DIY mudjacking. Mudjacking can be an effective way to level concrete, and doing it yourself will help you keep repair costs down–but have you ever considered whether mudjacking is safe to do on your own?

In this article, we’ll discuss mudjacking, whether or not it is a good idea to do it yourself, and some alternatives you should consider.

An Overview of Mudjacking

Let’s begin with a quick overview of what mudjacking is. Mudjacking is a concrete leveling process that involves injecting a slurry of cement, sand, and soil beneath your uneven concrete slabs.

One of the main reasons why concrete slabs become uneven is that there are air pockets below them. Naturally, the weight of the concrete slab causes it to sink into these open spaces, resulting in uneven concrete. Mudjacking allows you to fill those gaps, thus raising the concrete slab.


Is DIY Mudjacking a Good Idea?

Many reasons exist to consider DIY mudjacking, including cost savings and a desire to level concrete quickly before the issue worsens. However, it is generally unsafe for an untrained individual to take on a mudjacking project on their own. There are several factors behind this.

First, mudjacking requires a considerable amount of equipment that needs specialized training to use correctly. In fact, there’s a good chance you won’t even be able to access the necessary equipment for mudjacking at all.

However, but even if you have the right tools in place, the mudjacking process is hard to perform if you lack the proper training and experience. When an inexperienced person attempts DIY mudjacking, the chances are that the process will not unfold smoothly.

Additionally, performing any concrete leveling or repair can be dangerous. There are many ways in which you could accidentally hurt yourself if you don’t have the right concrete leveling experience.

Since it is so easy for DIY mudjacking to go wrong, and since it can be dangerous to your physical well-being, we cannot recommend DIY mudjacking as a viable solution to fixing your uneven concrete. Instead, it is always better and safer to hire a professional who has plenty of concrete leveling experience.

Is Mudjacking the Way to Go in General?

Now that we have cleared up whether DIY mudjacking is a good idea, it’s time to discuss the value of mudjacking in general. As you’ll soon see, there are a few reasons why mudjacking is not the best approach for fixing uneven concrete, whether you do it DIY or otherwise.

One of the main downsides of mudjacking is that it requires considerable equipment. The need for all that equipment also implies that the mudjacking process is relatively extensive and time-consuming. On top of that, you’ll also need to wait for mudjacking to dry before you can walk on your newly leveled concrete.

Additionally, mudjacking is not always the most precise method for concrete leveling. Over time, mudjacking can also allow moisture to penetrate below the concrete, which can once again compromise the structure and evenness of the concrete slabs.

For those reasons, we don’t typically recommend mudjacking as the go-to option for concrete leveling. Fortunately, as the next section will reveal, there is a more effective alternative to mudjacking that has several advantages.

Choose Polyjacking Over Mudjacking

The top alternative to mudjacking that we highly recommend is polyjacking. The polyjacking process works similarly to the mudjacking process we mentioned above. However, polyjacking tends to offer a few extra benefits that mudjacking does not, such as the ones below:

  • Better durability and longevity
  • Smaller injection holes
  • Quicker process
  • Better soil compaction
  • Water resistance

Polyjacking is typically more precise than mudjacking. Polyjacking also requires less equipment, making the concrete leveling process quicker and more efficient. Likewise, polyjacking hardens almost immediately, meaning you can walk on your leveled concrete as soon as the repair is complete.

Lastly, poly jacking is often more durable than mud jacking and tends to keep moisture out. This means that poyjacking is not only a quicker remedy, but it is also longer-lasting.

Hire Professional Help for Any Concrete Leveling

If you need concrete leveling, you should know by now that DIY mudjacking is far from ideal. A better method is to reach out to a company that knows what it takes to level concrete correctly.

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair uses a top-of-the-line polyjacking material known as PolyLevel for our concrete leveling jobs. If you are ready to level uneven concrete slabs on your property correctly, contact us today for a free estimate.