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Pool Deck Repair

Don’t let the cracked and uneven deck area around your pool spoil those sunny summer days. Keep the good times rolling while eliminating tripping hazards from your pool area by scheduling a pool deck repair consultation with Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. Cracks, holes, and uneven concrete can create dangerous conditions around your pool area. There’s no need to cancel the pool parties or tell the neighbors they can’t swim at your house due to liabilities. Our Durham pool deck repair experts can quickly and affordably make long-lasting concrete repairs to restore your pool deck so you can enjoy your pool once again.

If you’re having concrete issues with your pool deck, contact Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, and one of our experts will inspect your pool deck today. We are proud to serve Durham, Raleigh, Greenville, Fayetteville, and surrounding areas throughout North Carolina.

polylevel in pool patio for leveling

What Causes a Sinking Concrete Pool Deck?

Our team of experts will identify the cause of the sinking and settling concrete around your pool and perform permanent repairs that will get your family safely back in the water. Pool decks crack and deteriorate for the same reasons as concrete foundations, driveways, and sidewalks. The natural settling of the soil over time, soil erosion, and accumulating water on or just below the surface make the ground below the concrete uneven. It’s also possible that backfill soil was used during your pool’s construction, and backfill isn’t as hard as packed earth. The inflexible concrete then breaks or cracks where pockets have formed beneath it, damaging the concrete surface of your pool deck. But not to worry—oftentimes concrete pool decks can be repaired using an innovative method that is effective, affordable, and fast!

Restore Your Pool Deck With PolyLevel®

Our experts use the PolyLevel® system to level and repair the concrete deck around your pool. This saves time and money compared to complete pool deck resurfacing or replacement. With the PolyLevel® system, your pool deck can be quickly restored, and it costs a lot less than a full deck replacement. Using a polyurethane foam that is injected through tiny holes drilled into the concrete, our experts can safely and efficiently restore your deck to its level position and ensure all unsightly cracks are repaired. PolyLevel® is so fast, you’ll be enjoying your pool again in no time!

If the appearance of cracks or uneven concrete has put a damper on your summer fun, contact our Durham pool deck repair experts today for a free estimate!

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