Durham Crawl Space Winterization Services 

An improperly sealed crawl space could be the reason your home feels colder than you’d like it to be. Your HVAC system must work harder than necessary to keep your home warm as the outside air makes its way into your crawl space. You can keep the cold air outside where it belongs by sealing and insulating your crawl space. Request your free estimate for crawl space winterization services in Durham today, and you could save money and energy during the cold months ahead.

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Knightdale, NC - After Photo

Cold Air & Faulty Crawl Space Insulation

Our Durham crawl space best practice experts will assess your crawl space and identify areas that are allowing the cold air to infiltrate the area. We will look for fiberglass insulation, which isn’t the preferred material for the ceiling of your crawl spaces. Fiberglass insulation leaves pipes and floors vulnerable to cold air. Our team will also review your ductwork. In a vented crawl space, ductwork gets colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. This forces the HVAC system to work unnecessarily hard, which can reduce its energy efficiency by as much as 40%.

Sealing Your Crawl Space

Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has viable solutions to seal your crawl space. Our team will seal the crawl space and winterize the foundation by insulating the rim joist after creating an air seal. Cold air can’t get into the area because the gaps around the edges of the foundation are sealed. We then use SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation, which provides a moisture-resistant, R-value layer to the crawl space. After the crawl space is insulated, we seal and insulate the floor as well. TerraBlock™ foam insulation is used for the floors and is then covered by our CleanSpace® moisture barrier.

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