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Why Does Concrete Sink?

When you begin to notice a concrete slab on your property is beginning to sink, crack, or tilt, it’s important to understand why this is happening. When the soil supporting the slab is compromised, the concrete slab can sink and crack because it doesn’t have a stable foundation to rest on. The weight of the concrete requires properly compacted soil to support it and keep it level. If the soil has eroded or moved, over time, the concrete slab will sink and crack. It becomes an eyesore and a tripping hazard. Thankfully, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair offers cost-effective, permanent solutions to repair sinking concrete slab issues in Fayetteville.

Concrete Settlement Causes

When addressing concrete settlement, we know that soil is usually the primary cause, but we have to dig a little deeper to find out why the soil has shifted or eroded. Having that information is important to provide the right repair solution. The three main causes of concrete settlement are:

  • Shrinkage and expansion of the soil
  • Washed out soil
  • Improperly compacted soil

Soil contracts and expands as it absorbs moisture and then dries out. During dry seasons, the soil will shrink. When the soil becomes saturated in wetter months, it expands. This cycle of shrinkage and expansion creates movement under the concrete slab, causing it to sink.

Over time, water can find its way beneath the concrete. Water from heavy rains, snowmelt, or plumbing issues can erode the dirt beneath the concrete slab, leaving gaps. The heavy concrete then settles into those empty areas, causing cracking and sinking.

Concrete needs to rest upon solid soil. During construction, the soil beneath the concrete needs to be properly compacted to give it enough support to remain stable. If the soil is too loose, it will compress as the heavy concrete rests on it, and this will cause the slab to sink and become uneven.

Dry soil and socked wet soil

Free Estimates on Settling Concrete Repair in Fayetteville

When you have a sinking concrete slab that needs repair, call Fayetteville’s trusted concrete slab repair experts. Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair has permanent solutions to quickly lift and level sinking concrete slabs, and our innovative methods will cause minimal disruption to your property. We can solve your sinking concrete issues in no time. Request your free estimate now!