Fayetteville Patio Repair

A cracked and sunken concrete patio doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair in Fayetteville specializes in sinking and cracking concrete patio leveling and repair services including restoring stability and purpose to your patio. Our Fayetteville patio repair experts have permanent solutions to restore structural integrity to your patio area.

Concrete is heavy. When the soil beneath your concrete patio slabs is compromised, the concrete sinks. Cracks will form over time and the slabs will continue to sink. This deterioration can become dangerous, creating a tripping hazard that homeowners shouldn’t ignore.

Completing Fayetteville patio repairs includes determining why the concrete slabs failed. There are three main reasons why the soil base below the concrete might fail: 

  • Extra moisture in the soil causes it to expand. Adversely, when the soil dries out, shrinkage will occur. As the concrete passes through phases of expansion and shrinkage, it moves and shifts, leading to sunken concrete and the cracks you find on the surface.
  • Heavy rainfall, snow melt, and unreliable plumbing can cause excess water to accumulate on your property. When large amounts of water find its way into the soil below your concrete patio, the water washes away the dirt. The concrete loses its stability and sinks into empty pockets.
  • The soil around and under your home and patio should be properly compacted during construction. If the soil base is too loose, it won’t provide the support the concrete needs to remain flat and stable. The weight of the concrete slabs will cause the soil to compress. As it compresses, the concrete will sink. 
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If your concrete patio is showing recognizable signs of stress in the form of sinking and cracking, it’s time to call Fayetteville’s trusted cracked and sinking concrete leveling and repair service, Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. We provide lasting solutions with Fayetteville patio repairs you can rely on. Call us today!