Does Your Concrete Have Freeze-Thaw Cycle Damage?

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When temperatures rise and fall, concrete expands and contracts with changes in temperatures. The greater the temperature fluctuation the more damage that might occur. You might not know it, but concrete poured to a four-inch thickness can expand a quarter-inch per every 100 feet. This might not sound like a lot, but it can have a significant impact on the stability and life of your concrete.

To give concrete room to expand, it is poured with control joints—straight lines embossed into concrete. This allows the concrete to move when it needs to. When those cracks fill up with water and freeze, the space that allowed that concrete to adjust has been removed. This forces the concrete to respond in other ways, either by cracking at the joint or fracturing somewhere else across the slab surface.

During the freeze-thaw cycle, a crack can accumulate additional water which freezes and thaws, and worsens the situation by enlarging the crack. As this cycle perpetuates, pieces of concrete chip and crumble away from the edges of the crack. This creates holes or even wider cracks. Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repairs out of Raleigh recommends NexusPro. NexusPro is a silicone-based sealant to fill joints and cracks, which is specifically formulated to ensure long-lasting flexibility and withstand extreme weather conditions. NexusPro is not like traditional polyurethane sealants. It can resist intense UV rays, and will not dry out, crack, or bubble. It is also water impermeable, this prevents the formation of ice in the joints and cracks.

For longer expanses of concrete, we recommend CompressionGuard. CompressionGuard is an engineered expansion joint that flexes with the movement of your concrete to prevent serious damage to your home, garage, or driveway.

You don’t need to put off outdoor home repair projects during the winter months. With North Carolina’s moderate temperatures, our recommended solutions are available year-round. At Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, we are dedicated to restoring your concrete slabs back into shape with cost-effective solutions that are perfect for your specific needs. Call today to schedule a free inspection and no-cost quote. Let’s get you back on a solid foundation.