Look for Symptoms of Foundation Settlement During Your Spring Cleaning

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The spring cleaning season is upon us! Most of us are taking a weekend—or several—to clean our homes, both indoors and out. While you’re tackling those springtime chores, it’s also the perfect time to give the concrete surfaces around your home a thorough inspection for any cracks, fissures, or uneven surfaces that might have occurred or worsened over the course of the winter. This is especially true for your foundation.

The initial signs of foundation damage are often overlooked or ignored altogether. Many homeowners, particularly those with older homes, attribute concrete or wall cracks to natural settling, but there can be many reasons why walls and foundations begin to crack. While there are common signs to look out for, an experienced foundation repair professional can identify the causes of your wall cracks or foundation damage and offer permanent solutions to resolve them.  

Unstable or eroding soil beneath a home’s foundation is one of the most common causes of foundation settlement. During your spring tour, try to identify signs of foundation settlement or shifting soil. Weather conditions and extreme temperatures can impact surrounding soil, and snow melt, heavy downpours, or flooding can drench the soil beneath your foundation. Drought conditions cause soil to dry up and contract. It’s also possible that the soil was poorly compacted during your home’s construction. If these concerns are not addressed, the foundation settlement will continue. If you do notice the appearance of new cracks in the walls of your home or cracked or bowing basement walls, or if you’re noticing doors or windows sticking or uneven floors, it’s time to consult with an experienced and skilled foundation repair company. There’s a saying in the foundation repair industry that rings true: Foundation problems won’t improve or become less expensive to repair over time. If you’re noticing issues with your foundation, the time to act is now. Reputable foundation repair companies offer free estimates and will be candid about what type of repairs are needed and how much those repairs will cost. If they are not transparent with their process or pricing, get a second opinion. 

We hope that everyone’s homes are safe and their foundations are stable, but if your spring cleaning inspection reveals any concerns, reach out to the experts at Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair and take advantage of our free, no-obligation estimate.