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Any average person can attempt to resurface a concrete area. However, there are specific techniques that a professional will use when completing this type of service. This article will teach you what those professional tactics are so that you are better able to evaluate a concrete resurfacing job.

Cleaning Before the Work Begins

The first step a professional will take when performing driveway resurfacing or resurfacing for any concrete area is to clean that area thoroughly. Removing dirt, debris and other forms of grime makes it easier for the resurfacing material to adhere to what remains of your existing concrete.

Protecting the Joints

A wise concrete contractor will understand the importance of your concrete’s control and expansion joints. These joints make it easier for your concrete to move in response to freezing, thawing, and other forces while also preventing any random cracking in your concrete.

Unfortunately, many unseasoned contractors who attempt resurfacing a driveway are unaware of the importance of joints. By overlooking this importance, the contractor may fill the joint with the resurfacer material, which makes the joint entirely non-functional.

A contractor in the know will protect your concrete joints before using a resurfacer. They often achieve this by placing a piece of weather stripping in the joint before applying the resurfacing material.

The first step a professional will take when performing driveway resurfacing or resurfacing for any concrete area is to clean that area thoroughly. Removing dirt, debris and other forms of grime makes it easier for the resurfacing material to adhere to what remains of your existing concrete.

Patching Before Resurfacing

Before entering the central portion of the resurfacing process, it is crucial to perform any necessary patching. While resurfacing material helps smooth the surface of concrete, it is not ideal for filling significant cracks or holes. Instead, using a cement mixture to fill holes and gaps before applying resurfacer material is better. It’s also critical to wait for the cement patching to dry before doing any other stage of the resurfacing project.

Even Application of Resurfacing Material

Applying resurfacing material takes a surprising amount of skill and technique. Someone unfamiliar with the process will likely pour and spread the material unevenly. By contrast, a professional concrete contractor will apply the material evenly and ensure it covers all your concrete areas.

Use the Best Concrete Resurfacing Product – We Use Vuba Stone

While you can choose many resurfacing products for your driveway, some are better than others. At Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair, we depend on Vuba Stone for our resurfacing projects. Vuba Stone provides the world’s best resurfacing material that will make your driveway look like new.

Brooming for Texture

Although it may not seem like your newly resurfaced concrete needs to be swept, doing so is an excellent idea. Dragging a broom across driveway resurfacing material in slow, even strokes before it dries has several benefits you’ll enjoy later.

Brooming leaves a distinct texture on the top of your resurfacing material. This texture makes the surface of your concrete look more uniform and adds a degree of friction that makes slipping on your concrete far less likely.


Concrete Replacement Process

Proper Dry Time

A professional will allow plenty of time to dry your resurfaced driveway before anyone walks on it. The average time it takes for this drying process to finish can vary. However, it is safe to assume that nearly all resurfacing material will take at least 24 hours before it is dry and ready to use.

Complete Cleanup

Unlike their unprofessional counterparts, a professional concrete team will take the time to clean their work area thoroughly after they are done. This small but noticeable gesture is just one of many that can make a team look as professional as possible while they resurface your concrete.

Signs that You Need Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Now that you know the techniques a professional will use when resurfacing your concrete, it is time to learn some signs that you might need this service. Below is a list of indicators that your concrete has received the type of damage that could benefit from driveway resurfacing:

  1. Discoloration
  2. Spalling
  3. Chipping
  4. Old age
  5. Drainage problems
  6. Small holes
  7. Cracks

Signs your Concrete needs Repair or Replacement

Each of the signs above can indicate that resurfacing is necessary. However, they can also suggest that your concrete needs a different type of service. The only way to know which concrete resolution is suitable for you is to seek the advice of a concrete professional in your area.

Advantages of Resurfacing Your Concrete Driveway

Below are the primary benefits of choosing resurfacing for your concrete areas:

  1. Improved concrete durability
  2. Better aesthetics
  3. Longer lifespan
  4. A quick process
  5. Affordability

Other Concrete Repair Solutions

While driveway resurfacing can be the correct solution in many cases, there are other concrete repair options that you should be aware of. Below is a list of standard concrete services you should understand if you have concrete on your property:

  1. Cement Patching: This is the perfect solution to choose if your concrete has a few small cracks or holes. Cement patching can quickly eliminate those minor gaps.
  2. Concrete Replacement: If your concrete damage is extensive enough, you should consider a total replacement. This replacement option is also the best choice if the rebar in your concrete has become corroded.
  3. Concrete Leveling: Voids can sometimes form in the soil under your concrete. These voids cause concrete slabs to become uneven. A polyjacking service is the best way to make your concrete level again.

Driveway Repair Methods

Again, it is challenging for the average person to know which services are best for them. However, knowing that each one exists is the first step towards finding the best resolution for you.

Are You in Need of a Concrete Professional For Your Driveway?

The surest way to know if resurfacing is right is to hire a concrete contractor in your area. For anyone in Eastern North Carolina, the best team you can choose is Regional Foundation & Crawl Space Repair. Reach out to learn why we are perfect for fixing concrete or providing any other construction service you need.